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AMA presented with single certification to AS9100

May. 2021

The slogan “Together we are stronger” is a perfect representation of AMA, even more so now having recently been awarded global consolidated certifications for EN/AS 9100 and 9120.

Notwithstanding the problems that came with a global pandemic, we were delighted to have worked with BSI through the difficulties. Transfer audits were completed to bring all AMA business units under BSI and internally, each of our quality teams worked together to merge our core business processes. This enabled AMA to create a global QMS enhanced with global monitoring and measuring systems, allowing the global consolidation audits to take place.

Martin Pennington, Group Quality Manager, was delighted with the smooth running of this project. “It has been an exciting challenge to achieve this unified Quality approach and recognition.  The journey to achieve our goal would not have been possible without the teamwork within our Alliance. I would like to thank everyone that has supported this enhancement to our business model.”

Simon Bell, BSI Global Client Coordinator, adds “Having worked with AMA over the past 18 months it has been great to see the level of commitment and dedication to this goal. The AMA team based in the UK have supported the global teams through the consolidation process and demonstrated a joined-up approach to quality management that is vital to multiple site QMS (Quality Management System) and certification.

Now the team has reached this achievement, the real challenge will begin, with the global team aiming to work closer together to drive improvements across all sites for the benefit of their wide range of customers. We look forward to working with the team to help ensure that the management system continues to meet the requirements and creates added value for the business and its interested parties.”

The consolidation of our quality systems has strengthened not only the synergy and union of our AMA brand, but gives us the strength and confidence to facilitate global contracts whilst retaining the same, local, agile service of an independent business our customers enjoy dealing with.

Our approach in the market place is stronger as a result. AMA really is stronger together.

A copy of our new certificates can be downloaded here & here